Boston University Institutional Master Plan

FPA was the lead consultant for the development of Boston University’s Charles River Campus 2013-2023 Institutional Master Plan (IMP). FPA was retained to prepare thea comprehensive 10- year Institutional Master Plan (IMP) to guide the management of 12 million square feet of buildings and the development of future projects. The master planning process required close attention to a variety of complex issues, including existing and future land use and property ownership, student enrollment and housing, transportation, urban design, historic preservation, sustainability, economic impacts, and community benefits. Over the course of the year-long process, FPA coordinated a large project team that included university administration from various departments, architects and urban designers, transportation engineers, and attorneys. FPA continues to manage the public review process and Task Force meetings, which involve members of many well-organized neighborhood and civic organizations, for IMP Notification Forms, Amendments, and Updates.