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About Us

FPA’s team of highly experienced professionals counsels its clients on approaches to planning and development projects, providing advice on effective strategies to facilitate approvals and manage public review and community participation processes.

Our diverse team provides expertise in fields such as planning, historic preservation, landscape architecture, transportation, architecture, real estate development, and law and delivers powerful and time and cost-saving insight for your project.

FPA’s senior professionals dedicate their personal attention to every project to ensure effective relationships with public officials and agencies, private property owners, advocacy organizations, neighborhood associations, and other interest groups.

In 2018, Fort Point Associates, Inc. was acquired by Tetra Tech, an international leader in consulting, engineering, and technical services. With 20,000 employees located in 450 offices worldwide, Tetra Tech’s technical expertise greatly complements our own and bolsters our ability to offer comprehensive solutions to clients’ needs. Although acquired in full, FPA continues to operate as Fort Point Associates, Inc., a Tetra Tech Company, a stand-alone entity within the Tetra Tech organization.

Jamie M. Fay, AICP, CEP, President
(617) 279-4384

Brian Cullinan, P.E., Civil Engineer
(617) 279-4385

Kenneth Fields, Senior Project Manager
(617) 279-4383

Richard Jabba, AICP, Senior Planner
(617) 279-4386

Katie T. Moniz, P.E., AICP, CFM, LEED AP, Senior Project Manager
(617) 279-4388

Katie Moore, AICP, LEED AP, Environmental Planner
(617) 279-4387

Erika Welch, Environmental/Urban Planner
(617) 279-4382

Natty King, Environmental/Urban Planner
(617) 279-4380

Jasmine Olins, Environmental/Urban Planner
(617) 279-4381

Piper Cole, Environmental/Urban Planning Intern
(617) 279-4389