Marina Bay, Quincy

FPA has managed the environmental review and permitting process for Marina Bay in Quincy, MA, the largest marina in New England. The project required securing federal, state, and local permits to undertake dredging, construction of travel lift piers and a floating breakwater, and expansion of the marina float system. Due to the marina’s location next to an Area of Critical Environmental Concern and a public recreation park, as well seasonal restrictions on dredging and in water construction, the permitting strategy for this site required an extraordinary level of precision and timing. FPA's mastery of the permitting process enabled the financing and completion of construction work well in advance of the boating season.

FPA additionally acquired permitting approvals for Meriel Marina Bay, a 6-story building adjacent to the marina that houses 236 residential units and 14,890 gross square feet of retail and restaurant space. FPA worked directly with the project team to ensure the design had no impacts on the adjacent wetland resources as well as to mitigate potential flood issues due to the proximity of the site to FEMA floods zones.