FPA Office

Piper Cole, Urban/Environmental Planning Intern

Piper Cole joined Fort Point Associates as the Urban/Environmental Planning Intern in May 2022. In June 2022, Ms. Cole graduated from the University of St Andrews, having received a Bachelor of Science in the dual degrees of Sustainable Development and Biology. Before graduation, she completed her dissertation on community-based conservation initiatives' social and ecological outputs. Currently, she is pursuing a Master of Science degree in Environmental Science and Policy at Northeastern University.

Since joining the firm, Piper has effectively supported project management on urban planning and environmental permitting for various public and private institutions. Project areas include coastal resiliency, public infrastructure, clean energy deployment and institutional master planning. She has worked to prepare environmental documentation, including MEPA, MA Chapter 91 Waterways and Wetlands Protection Act.

Before joining FPA, Piper interned at the Salem Sound Coastwatch, exposing her to roles such as working as an intermediary between City, nonprofit and consulting stakeholders on environmental resiliency projects, formulating presentations for public forums, and creating and publishing Storymaps for their website. Additionally, this internship enabled Piper to work alongside the Department of Marine Fisheries on seagrass resiliency studies. Ms. Cole holds a U.S. Coast Guard Limited Master License.