FPA Office

Emily Hunter, Environmental/Planner

Emily Hunter joined Fort Point Associates as an Environmental Planner in 2022. Since joining the firm, Ms. Hunter has prepared planning documents and permit applications for a variety of ongoing projects, including the Salem Wind Port and emerging biotech buildings in Boston. She also has produced project graphics and maps using ArcMap and Adobe Creative Suite. Ms. Hunter graduated in May 2022 from a dual-degree program at Boston University in which she received a B.A. in Earth and Environmental Science and a M.S. in Energy and Environment.

Before joining FPA, Ms. Hunter worked in many roles with a variety of private companies, environmental organizations and institutions. She worked as a research intern with a nonprofit focused on energy equity and environmental communications, where she assisted with clean energy microgrid projects and prepared educational materials about climate change and renewable energy. She was also a lab assistant in a climate change research lab focused on determining the effects of urbanization and climate change on nutrient loading of ecosystems.