The Eddy

GEGC 2 New Street, LLC retained FPA to obtain the environmental permits to develop a large mixed-use complex on the East Boston, MA waterfront. FPA had previously secured all the environmental permits from local, state, and federal agencies in 2010. The existing 3-, 5-, and 9-story building complex was sold to GEGC 2 New Street, LLC who redesigned the building to accommodate the current demand for residential and retail uses as well as the public open space around the site. The initial building program included the demolition of the 3- and 5-story buildings, the addition of 7 stories on top of the 9-story building, and the construction of new 1- and 4-story buildings. During the investigation of the 9-story structure, the contactor found the concrete structure could not support the loads of the additional floors. FPA responded immediately to produce the required local and state permits to allow the building to be demolished and construct a new steel building without delaying construction.

Key components of the development included 259 residential units, 155 parking spaces, 14 public parking spaces, approximately one acre of open space, and a water taxi dock. A restaurant is expected to be built out in 2017. FPA successfully managed the environmental consulting and permitting for this project, which allowed the building to be opened as planned.