The Residences at Coleridge Coast

FPA is managing the environmental review and permitting for Rock Developmentā€™s proposed mixed-use project, The Residences at Coleridge Coast, along the East Boston waterfront. The development is located directly on Boston Harbor and will include 19 residential units, commercial space, and below-grade parking. The project is designed to accommodate future climate change, including increased precipitation and sea level rise. The entire development will be raised several feet above projected flood elevations for the year 2070, and all entrances into the building have been strategically designed to ensure the structure is resilient to periodic coastal flooding. Critical utilities will also be placed above projected flood levels to prevent damage or loss of service due to floodwater intrusion. The project will be constructed with waterproof building materials, enhanced insulation, operable windows for ventilation and passive cooling, and a solar-ready roof. The design includes an innovative, highly-efficient stormwater management system that will function dynamically during varying tide cycles and storm conditions. FPA continues to work through the state and local permitting and approval processes to advance this project so that it can be developed in a timely and cost-effective manner, as well as prevent impacts to adjacent coastal wetlands.